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We will ensure that you can translate any file format in your preferred translation environment. You will have complete control over the process, costs and quality of your translation and be able to meet even tight deadlines.

How we support you

Converting files

  • Translation tools do not support every file format directly. This means that certain formats have to be converted into an intermediate format such as InDesign, QuarkXPress or FrameMaker

Testing texts for translatability

  • Layout changes due to text length variation
  • Segmentation
  • Check for non-translatable texts
    • Product or proper names
    • Addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, URLs
    • Article numbers, product codes
    • Placeholders, variables, constants, IDs in software texts
    • Texts containing formatting (e.g. red text in Excel)
    • Document structure (headings, fields)
  • Estimation of the expected preparation and post-processing efforts

Excluding texts from the translation

  • Preparing source files
  • Creating or customizing filter settings of translation tools, e.g. text files that contain user-defined formats (XML, Excel)
  • Other settings: Providing additional information: Depending on the file format, we can also provide the translator with additional information in their translation tool (e.g. contextual information).

Testing of the translation

  • Testing  the translation in the translation tool with our customized settings
  • Testing the translatability of the files with a pseudo-translation project round-trip
  • Test if all non-translatable elements are protected
  • Internationalization check for layout issues doing a simulated translation
  • Addition of language-specific characters
  • Automated text length variation


  • File types and filters ready for import into your preferred translation tool
  • Project templates
  • Prepared translation projects in the file format of your preferred translation tool (e.g. package format)


  • You translate and check your files or we hire external translation service providers who do it for you

Back conversion

  • If required, we convert the files back to their original format after the translation

Quality assurance

  • Checking the layout
  • Creating printable file formats (e.g. PDF) 

Common example file formats how we process for our customers

Text documents

  • Microsoft Word (DOC/X)
  • Microsoft Excel (XLS/X)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT/X)
  • Open Office (ODT)
  • PDF files
  • Text files (TXT)

Tagged file formats

  • XML
  • HTML
  • RESX

DTP files

  • InDesign (INDD)
  • FrameMaker (FM)
  • QuarkXPress (QXP)

Image files

  • Photoshop (PSD)
  • Illustrator (AI)

Software files

  • Executable files (EXE, DLL)
  • JavaScript (JS)
  • Text resources (INI, PHP, JSON, TS)

Your advantages

  • Optimized translation processes and costs due to file preparation 
  • Optimal settings for your translation tool
  • Time savings due to access to our extensive expertise
  • Risk minimization: translate only what needs to be translated, exclude everything else
  • Avoiding unnecessary and complex post processing of files after translation
  • Fast solutions for complex problems

We often receive translation requests for special file formats such as XML, PO, XLF, JSON etc. from our clients that need to be processed in our translation systems. But sometimes it's not possible without preparation. Loctimize is our competent and reliable partner for the preparation, post-processing and conversion of files and especially for the creation of file filters. Thus we benefit from optimal translation system settings and ensure the right content to be translated.

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Alexander Flint


As language service provider, you are often facing a challenge: how can I best handle my client's files in the familiar translation environment? It's not a big problem with classic text documents, but what about tagged file formats that cannot be processed without preparation? Loctimize is our answer to this question. Whether memoQ, SDL Trados Studio or other systems - we receive customized solutions for almost every file format. Not only our clients, but also our translators benefit from an optimized process with settings adapted to the corresponding format.

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Bärbel te Kaat

Managing director @ TE-KAAT . COM