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No more copy & paste! Translate your content online or offline via export/import of Microsoft Excel or XML files. Compatible with all state-of-the-art translation tools. Workflow can be fully automated.

Features overview

Online translation

  • Two-column view with source and target language
  • Direct editing of translations in the TYPO3 backend
  • Filtering for new and modified contents possible

Export / Import

  • For offline translations with external translation tools
  • Exchange formats:  Microsoft Excel XML and translation-friendly XML (recommended)
  • Export new and modified contents
  • Ignoring hidden contents
  • Checking for already exported contents


  • Periodical export of XML files for translation
  • Automated import of translated XML files
  • Automatic email notification to translators with attached XML files for translation
  • Automated upload of XML files to an FTP server


  • Supports all TYPO3 CMS versions from 4.x upwards
  • For all page and content types
  • Compatible with all extensions that adhere to the TYPO3 coding guidelines

Exchange formats

Localization-friendly XML

The XML format used by the l10nmgr is a simple XML format that can be used with all state-of-the-art localization and translation tools. The Localization Manager ships with the required settings files  that specify translatable and non-translatable  elements. Currently settings files are available for the following tools: Across, DéjàVu, memoQ, SDL Trados Studio and SDL Passolo. Settings files for other tools can easily be created.

Microsoft Excel XML

Contents can be exported and imported as Microsoft Excel XML for review or translation without a translation tool. The Excel document consists of a worksheet that contains three main columns: source, target and reference language. In an additional column the status of the database field (new vs. modified content) is shown.

The Microsoft Excel XML format is particularly suitable for the translation of texts that contain no elaborate formatting, because formatting tags are shown as text and cannot be automatically protected against inadvertent editing.

L10nmgr: Übersicht mit Links

XML in memoQ

L10nmgr: XML-Export

XML in Memsource

XML in Across

XML in SDL Trados Studio

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We are very happy with the TYPO3 Localization Manager and use it to manage the translation of our 14-language website. By working with it, we save many hours of manual web maintenance work every month and are in market more quickly!

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