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Do you want to reach new markets with your website? We help you planning and implementing your international multilingual TYPO3 website. Based on our many years of experience we develop solutions that will make your work much easier.

How we support you


  • Inventory and definition of requirements (localization strategy, internationalization strategy, SEO strategy)
  • Defining workflows for translation projects and coordination of internal resources
  • Defining terminology workflows for technical writing and translation
  • Planning the use of language technologies such as translation memory systems, etc.
  • Creating style guides for translators and technical writers
  • Creating documentation
  • Planning budgets for translation and localization

Localization check

  • Testing the internationalization
  • Checking and, if necessary, adjusting templates, language configuration, language selection menu and URL configuration
  • Analyzing extensions, TYPOSCRIPT and layout templates, etc.
  • Testing for common internationalization issues (display of language specific characters, text in images, etc.)

Preparation for localization

  • Installing and configuring extensions for translation management
  • Planning the automated export of translatable contents
  • Exporting contents to test the translation workflow
  • Creating a pseudo-translation
  • Importing the pseudo-translated contents
  • Checking the pseudo-translation in backend and frontend for culture specific features, changes in length, completeness, etc.
  • Correcting errors
  • Creating a test report

Preparing content for translation

  • Exporting the translatable content from TYPO3
  • Preparing translatable files: file conversion, locking of non-translatable content, checking for completeness, checking for length and layout changes, creating settings files for translation memory systems, etc.

Creating and preparing translation projects

  • Creating and preparing translation projects in translation systems
  • Pre-selecting translation service providers according to defined criteria
  • Obtaining quotes of suitable translation service providers
  • Discussing quotes with the customer

Data exchange and monitoring of projects

  • Providing translation files for translation service providers
  • Monitoring translation projects
  • Managing feedback from translators and reviewers

Quality assurance

  • Defining quality assurance criteria
  • Setting up quality assurance checks in translation systems
  • Performing quality assurance checks

Post-processing translated files

  • Converting translated files back into their original format
  • Importing translated content into TYPO3
  • Checking the translation in backend and frontend for culture specific features, changes in length, completeness, etc.
  • Correcting errors

Publishing your TYPO3 website

Translating TYPO3 websites?

The ugly truth about copy & paste. Try it out!





Contents per page:

Time needed for copy & paste:

Your advantages

  • Support throughout the entire project, from planning to publishing your multilingual international website
  • Access to our extensive expertise
  • Translation management becomes a defined and reproducible process
  • Trouble-free translation and localization of TYPO3 websites
  • Centralized coordination of the translation and localization of your TYPO3 website
  • All translatable content is exported in a standardized file format that can be edited with all current translation tools
  • Translation and localization with existing language service providers or one that we choose according to your translation needs
  • Avoiding common internationalization and localization issues
  • Minimized risk that non-translatable contents are edited
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Loctimize has not only been managing the daily translation project management for us for years now – we also rely on the team managing our TYPO3 localization. Thanks to the support of Loctimize and using the Localization Manager, we have successfully completed our website relaunch in eight languages so far. We are pretty sure that the remaining languages ​​will be managed just as efficiently.

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Marketing Manager for the dental technology sector

in a medium-sized company
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Since mid-2017, Loctimize has been supporting us in TYPO3 localization. We got in contact with the team in the course of our website relaunch. Today, we are quite happy working with such a competent partner. Working with Loctimize has always been to our satisfaction and our TYPO3 agency has also been able to work hand in hand with the team. Thus the localization into seven languages ​​has run smoothly to this day. The localization would certainly have been more difficult for us without this strong support!

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Marketing Manager for mechanical and plant engineering

in a medium-sized company