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The introduction of a translation management system (TMS) is a project whose complexity is often underestimated. Existing processes, data, technologies, interfaces and the different interests of stakeholders must be taken into account when selecting a TMS. We help you keep track and make the right decisions so that you can implement your TMS in your company with success.

What you get


  • What are TMS’s? How do they work?
  • What kind of TMS’s are available on the market?
  • What are the differences between the systems?
  • How can TMS’s be integrated into the content life cycle?
  • What are the costs/benefits of a TMS?


  • Analysis of existing translation management processes
  • Analysis of key figures
  • Definition of optimization possibilities
  • Detailed benchmarking of TMS’s available on the market according to area of function
  • SWOT analysis
  • Cost-benefit analysis


  • Is the use of a TMS worthwhile for your company?
  • What should you bear in mind when evaluating and selecting a TMS?
  • Which TMS best meets your requirements?
  • What does one need to bear in mind when introducing a new TMS?

What we do

We can advise you on the following aspects concerning translation management systems:

Defining strategies & goals

  • What goals are you pursuing with the introduction of a TMS?
  • How do you manage translations in your company?

Analyzing processes

  • What do your current processes look like?
  • How can the processes be optimized by the introduction of a TMS?

Defining requirement criteria

  • Selecting business and functional requirement criteria
  • Weighting the criteria
  • Conducting tender procedures

Evaluating systems

  • Performing an evaluation of TMS’s available on the market based on defined requirement criteria
  • Evaluating and preparing the evaluation results
  • Organizing and implementing proof-of-concept demos
  • Preselection of suitable systems
  • Providing support during the test phase

Implementing the TMS

  • Planning and organizing the implementation phase
  • Migration of data
  • Setting up systems*
  • Training & support*

*depending on the system selected

Translation management systems (TMS)

Below are some of the TMS’s that we advise you on (display in random order):


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