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We assess your current situation in relation to multilingual communication and translation along with your requirements, before analyzing your content and helping you to make an informed decision about whether or not it makes sense for you to invest in machine translation.

What you get


  • How does MT work?
  • How can MT be used?
  • How can MT be integrated?
  • What to expect from MT?


  • Linguistic quality of source content
  • Formatting quality of source content
  • Quality of translation memory and terminology
  • Quantitative reports


  • Whether or not to invest in MT
  • What to do next

What we do

In a machine translation assessment, we analyze the following:

Strategies & goals

  • What is the intended purpose of machine translation?
  • What are your goals for using machine translation?


  • How could machine translation be integrated into your organizations' processes?
  • What would change?


  • How would machine translation be integrated into your existing technology landscape?
  • What are the requirements?


  • Is your content suited to machine translation?(text types, formats, languages, quality requirements, confidentiality, etc.)
  • Do you have reference material to train machine translation software? (translation memories, terminology, etc.)


  • How does machine translation affect your employees' work?
  • Expectation management
  • Required skills of project managers, translators, post-editors

Our services related to machine translation


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