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The challenge

Many companies are facing the problem of already having multilingual reference material for translations but not being able to use it in an automated process for new translations. These can be materials such as multilingual documents, brochures, catalogs, websites, product databases and software files that have to be updated and translated on a regular basis. We prepare existing reference material in a way that identical or similar texts can be translated automatically. This way our customers save costs and time in the translation process of identical and similar texts as well as translate texts consistently.

How we support you

Feasibility test

  • Determining whether old reference materials and their translations can be processed
  • Cost-benefit calculation

Converting and preparing reference material

  • Converting file formats
  • File clean up (layout, spaces, breaks)

Aligning translations

  • Source and target language sentences are automatically aligned based on specific rules

Checking the alignment

  • Confirming correct alignments
  • Manual correction of false alignments
  • Optional check for spelling, punctuation and terminology errors

Creating a new translation memory

  • File or server-based translation memories
  • Advanced configuration of translation memory settings
  • Creating metadata

Importing translation pairs

  • Approved and confirmed translation pairs are imported into a translation memory

Your advantages

  • Automated reuse of texts that where translated without translation tools
  • Immediate cost savings for the translation of modified texts
  • Acceleration of the translation and review process of modified texts 
  • Immediate improvement of the consistency and quality of translations 
  • Quality assurance by trained translators and terminologists
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Some of our clients order the translation of catalogues, brochures or operating instructions quite similar to documents that have already been translated in the past. Actually, these documents would just need to be updated. However, when documents have been translated without a translation memory or we do not have access to it, the translation is very time-consuming and cost-intensive. At this point, Loctimize supports us in running an alignment of the documents. This not only speeds up the translation process, but also ensures the quality and consistency of our translations.

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Loctimize not only supports us in creating or customizing file filters for translation, but also in aligning bilingual NLSX files which are regularly sent by one of our clients. In order for our translators to benefit from the content, Loctimize prepares the files, runs and checks the alignment and makes corrections if necessary. At the end, we receive either a TMX file to import into a translation memory or even a TM itself. A great service!

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