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Optimizing costs

Do you want to reduce your translation costs or translate a larger volume with the same budget?

We analyze your costs and processes, and uncover hidden potential for optimization.

Saving time

Do you want to save time and speed up translation processes so that you can launch your products and services faster?

We show you how to save valuable time by optimizing processes and choosing the right tools. 

Ensuring quality

Are you wondering how to improve the quality of your translations? For example with regard to language, style, terminology and formatting? Or how to avoid time-consuming post-editing or feedback loops? 

We help you define quality criteria and appropriate measures to implement them.

Our solutions

Introducing language and translation management

Are you considering implementing a central language management system or wondering how to optimize your existing language management system?

We are here to help you and show you the typical pitfalls.

Selecting translation management systems

Are you looking for a suitable software solution for translation or translation management and require help with this?

We will analyze your needs, help to define the selection criteria, and evaluate and implement suitable products.

Managing and maintaining linguistic data

Are you wondering how to efficiently create, manage and maintain translation memories and terminology databases? Or how to migrate or merge existing databases? 

We’ll show you the best way to do it!

Machine translation

Are you considering using machine translation? Would you like to know if it’s worth the investment?

We analyze processes, costs, documents, translations, terminology and help you make the right decision.

Translating dynamic content

Are you wondering how to translate dynamic content e.g. from CMS or PIM systems, online shops etc.?

We advise you on interfaces, data exchange formats, processes and automation.

Translating and localizing software

Do you intend to market your software internationally? Are you wondering what is the best strategy and how to best organize the process?

We help you find the most appropriate solution for you.

Translating special file formats

Are you wondering how to best translate certain file formats? XML, InDesign, FrameMaker, software formats, databases?

Whether you are looking for standard or customized solutions: We are a 100% match!

Optimizing translation costs

Are you wondering how to optimize translation costs?

We will analyze processes, data, tools, service providers and pricing structures and identify potential for cost optimization.

Translation project management

Are you wondering how to best manage translations in order to keep costs and quality under control and to meet tight deadlines? Or are you wondering what is important when buying translation services? 

We support you in defining and implementing efficient project management, in choosing suitable service providers and with price negotiations.

Outsourcing vs. insourcing

Are you wondering which strategy to choose for translation and localization?

We support you in defining and implementing a strategy and provide you with helpful tips.

Ensuring quality

Are you wondering how to ensure high quality in translation? Or how to automate quality assurance checks?

Together with you, we will define quality criteria and measures to implement this. 

Training and workshops

Are you looking for training and workshops for translators, localizers and project managers?

We offer product training and workshops online and on site.


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