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2-day workshop for terminologists, technical writers, project managers, translators, localizers and quality managers. Available as an open or customized workshop in your company.

Learning objectives

Understanding the basic principles of terminology work


Planning systematic terminology work


Defining quality criteria


Providing and using terminology


Understanding costs and benefits


Available as an open or customized workshop

The localization and translation project management workshop is delivered as an open workshop. On request, we can also deliver the workshop as a customized workshop at your company. The content can be tailored to your requirements, for example in order to work on and optimize individual aspects of project management.

Topic overview

  • Basic concepts:
    • What is terminology?
    • What is a termbase?
  • Basic principles of terminology
  • Prerequisites for successful terminology work
  • Objectives of terminology work
  • Overview of tools for terminology work
  • Defining terminology processes
    • Collecting terminology
    • Capturing terminology
    • Releasing terminology
    • Using terminology in development, technical writing, translation and localization
    • Validating terminology
    • Exchanging terminology
  • Defining and limiting the area to be processed
  • Compiling sources (documents, product information, glossaries, translation memories)
  • Collecting and extracting terminology
  • Systematizing and organizing terms and assigning names
  • Principles for:
    • Capturing terms
    • Creating and selecting definitions
    • Defining sources
    • Using notes
  • Using synonyms
  • Defining solution strategies in the event of problems
  • Drawing up guidelines
  • Validating and approving terminology
  • Rules for creating terms
  • Criteria for evaluating terms
  • Standardizing spellings
  • Standardizing terminology within the company
  • Cross-sectoral coordination of terminology
  • Approving terminology
  • Process organization
  • Technical aids
  • Methods
  • Defining quality criteria
  • Single entries: Formal, methodical, linguistic and technical validation
  • Data topicality
  • Quality management
  • Terminology guidelines
  • Managing terminology centrally
  • General access to terminology
  • Preparing and providing terminology
  • Using terminology in other systems
  • Exchanging terminology
  • Cost estimation and calculation
  • Cost-benefit ratio

Your advantages

  •  Terminology management helps reduce technical writing and translation costs
  •  Terminology management helps increase the consistency of your texts in terms of terminology and corporate wording
  •  Terminology allows documents to be created and translated faster
  •  Terminology helps improve text comprehension
  •  Company-specific terminology strengthens corporate identity 


Daniel Zielinski
Senior Consultant and Trainer
Member of the German Terminology Association

+49 681 91038366


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Daniel Zielinski and his colleagues organized a terminology workshop which was perfectly tailored to our needs. We have created a basis for establishing the topic of terminology in our company. The two workshop days were truly insightful, practice-oriented and produced concrete results. Thank you very much for this.

Marielle Stall - Swyx Solutions GmbH

Mariella Stall

Team Lead Documentation and Localization @ Swyx Solutions GmbH

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