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Do you not yet have any terminology yet? Or is your terminology inconsistent in your documentation, software, marketing and product information? The systematic creation and maintenance of terminology are the first steps towards standardizing terminology and improving text comprehensibility and translatability.

How we support you

Planning a terminology project

  • Defining project goals 
  • Defining the project scope
  • Defining the scope of delivery (delivery format: glossary, terminology database, entry structure, additional information)
  • Creating a schedule
  • Planning budget

Preparing source material

  • Collecting, evaluating and selecting relevant sources (brochures, documentation, databases, software strings etc.).
  • If necessary: Preparing sources, e.g. converting file formats, cleaning up formatting and tags

Collecting terminology

  • Extracting and collecting terminology proposals (semi-automated process using state-of-the-art technologies)
  • Selecting suitable terminology proposals
  • Enriching terminology proposals with additional information (source, context example, etc.)

Verifying and approving terminology

  • Verifying and validating terminology proposals
  • If necessary, comparing with existing terminology
  • Coordinating with the customer (approval process)

Converting and providing terminology

  • Providing approved terminology in standardized format (XLSX, CSV, TBX) for further processing into terminology management systems, editing systems or translation tools
  • If necessary, importing terminology into databases


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