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Many content sources, real-time translation, tight deadlines, cost pressure, quality problems, missing key figures and control options – are you also facing these challenges and want to become fit for the future?
Our Smart Translation Factory concept is a solution!

Trends and challenges in managing multilingual communication

Current trends such as Internet of Things result in a growing number of devices now requiring graphical, visual or audio interfaces. In the past, those devices did not require a user interface or communication function at all. But such trends not only result in an increasing communication between man and machine, but also in an increasing communication volume caused by personalized content. As a result, the need for real-time translation is increasing continuously and traditional translation workflows are no longer sufficient – other solutions and services are required.

Content disruption

Increasing number of content sources and formats

Machine translation

Quality? Possible applications?


How to define? How to measure? 


What kind of data to collect? What can machines learn from?

Key figures

Which key figures to measure? ROI?


Cloud? Developing? Purchasing?


Which skills do stakeholders need to have?

Data protection


The Smart Translation Factory concept

In order to respond to these trends and challenges, we have developed the Smart Translation Factory concept.

Our solution modules

Our solutions for managing multilingual communication are interesting for industrial companies and language service providers. Based on standard platforms, we implement our Smart Translation Factory concept into your processes to best meet your requirements and make you fit for the future.

Smart Translation Manager

  • Human Machine Cooperation
  • Query processing
  • Analysis and routing of content and orders


  • Different degrees of automation depending on your needs
  • Data exchange with content sources
    (CMS, PIM, ERP etc.)
  • Translation workflows with and without machine translation
  • Knowledge and terminology extraction
  • Quality assurance
  • Invoicing

Machine translation

  • 30+ machine translation systems
  • Neural and statistical machine translation
  • Standard and customized engines
  • Data analysis and preparation
  • Training and evaluation
  • Real-time machine translation
  • API integration

Knowledge management & terminology

  • Structured knowledge
  • Mono- and multilingual
  • Context, metadata
  • Integrated Assets (Images, texts, translations, machine translation etc.)
  • Analytics
  • API

Quality management

  • Quality criteria
  • Quality metrics
  • Standard and customized checks
  • 4-, 6- or 8-eyes principle

Artificial intelligence & machine learning

  • Machine learning from post-Editing
  • Machine learning from data (Non-Translatables, Auto-Translatables etc.)
  • Quality forecasts for machine translations
  • Creation of terminology and corporate wording

Linguistic Asset Management

  • Use of company-wide synergies
  • Algorithms (customized, TMS, MKC)
  • Translation memories, termbases
  • Reference material, parallel texts
  • Analysis


  • Platform Economics
  • Set-up, operation, extension, customization
  • Cloud applications (SaaS) and cloud platforms (PaaS)
  • API


  • Key figures for the optimization of processes, data and technology
  • Key figures for machine learning
  • Key figures for the reuse from translation memories
  • Key figures for quality statistics
  • Key figures on volumes


Advantages of the Smart Translation Factory concept

  •  Competent consulting based on more than 10 years of experience
  •  Individual solutions customized to your needs
  • Seamless integration into your workflow
  •  Process and cost optimization
  •  Highest automation
  •  Optimized and customer-specific quality algorithms
  •  Key figures and data for evaluating and learning
  •  Faster time to market
  •  Scalability
  •  Flexibility in hosting – host your platform by yourself or we do it for you


Daniel Zielinski
Senior Consultant