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Our MultiTerm training courses are for terminologists, translators, project managers and software developers who want to learn how to manage corporate and subject-specific terminology with MultiTerm.

Learning objectives

Terminology work: basic principles


Functions of MultiTerm

Creating termbases


Searching termbases


Exchanging terminology


Training contents

  • Basic concepts:
    • What is terminology?
    • What is a termbase?
    • Concept-oriented terminology work
  • Technology overview MultiTerm
  • User interface overview

  • Browsing termbase entries (normal search, fuzzy search, full-text search)
  • Searching a termbase from any other application using SDL MultiTerm Widget
  • Filtering a termbase
  • Limiting your searches to a subset of the termbase entries
  • Simple and advanced filters
  • Searching multiple termbases
  • Quickly creating a termbase using a template
    • Modifying the template by adding an extra information field (e.g. Subject)
    • Converting an existing glossary from MS Excel to SDL MultiTerm XML format
    • Importing the converted glossary into an empty termbase
  • Creating a new termbase from scratch
    • Adding languages (indexes)
    • Adding information fields (descriptive fields)
    • Defining the termbase structure
  • Adding entries to a termbase
  • Adding a new entry to the termbase
  • Streamlining the entry creation process using input models
  • Deleting entries
  • Merging termbase entries
  • Terminology extraction: using legacy documents to fill your termbase quickly
  • Setting up bilingual terminology extraction projects
  • Running the term extraction
  • Checking the extraction result
  • Exporting the extraction result to the termbase
  • Full export (for backup purposes)
  • Partial export based on a filter
  • Exporting to tabular format (2-column, bilingual term list)
  • Export to a printable RTF format
  • Selecting a termbase
  • Using active terminology recognition to insert terms into your translations quickly
  • Searching a termbase from Trados Studio
  • Adding termbase entries on the fly while translating
  • Adding terms and their translations
  • Adding a descriptive field (e.g a subject field value)
  • Saving the entry to the termbase

Types of training

On site

  • In-house sessions on your own premises
  • All participants are in the same room
  • Familiar working environment
  • No travel expenses for internal staff
  • Alternatively, the training can be conducted in one of our training centers
  • Bookable from ½ day



  • As alternative or in addition to onsite training
  • Ideal for distributed teams
  • Available at short notice to address pressing issues
  • Easy integration into your daily routine
  • Less time consuming than onsite training
  • Interactive learning via audio and video conferencing and screen sharing
  • No travel costs
  • Bookable from 1 hour

Our training packages