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The 2-day translation project management workshop is intended for people who want to enhance their practical knowledge in project management in the field of translation and localization.

Learning objectives

Understanding the project manager’s role

Planning and managing translation projects


Learning the technical basics


Communicating successfully


Change management & best practice


Available as an open or customized workshop

The localization and translation project management workshop is delivered as an open workshop. On request, we can also deliver the workshop as a customized workshop at your company. The content can be tailored to your requirements, for example in order to work on and optimize individual aspects of project management.

Topic overview

At the beginning of the workshop, all participants have the opportunity to share their expectations and interests so that they can be taken into account. During the workshop, different learning strategies such as presentations, group discussions, role plays, practice-oriented exercises and visualization techniques will be combined to provide each participant with the best possible learning experience.

Day 1

  • What is a project?
  • Project types and project participants
  • Project dynamics
  • Phases in project management
  • Models of project management
  • Workflows
  • The "data flow" concept
  • File formats in translation and localization
  • Overview of project management systems
  • Overview of translation and localization tools
  • Overview of content management systems
  • What translation and localization tools can and can’t do
  • Project start
    • Handling requests
    • Defining project goals
    • Project documentation
    • Communication strategies
    • Cost planning & quote preparation
    • Risk management

Day 2

  • Planning and running projects
    • Processes and workflows
    • Time management
    • Resource management
    • Communication flow
  • Supervising and monitoring
    • Monitoring deadlines, workflows and progression
    • Change management
    • Quality management
  • Closing projects
    • Delivering projects
    • Updating project materials
    • Invoicing
    • Evaluating projects
    • Feedback
  • Self-evaluation
  • Communication strategies
  • Troubleshooting
  • Strategies for conflict management
  • Stress management
  • Who can help?
  • Working systematically in project management
  • Project documentation
  • Successful change management

Your advantages

  •  Expanding your theoretical and practical knowledge in project management
  •  Preparing reliable project plans
  •  Practical tips for the systematic management of translation and localization projects
  •  Basic technical understanding of translation and localization technologies
  •  Strategies for the continuous improvement of processes
  •  Understanding the importance of change management
  •  Improving communication strategies
  •  Developing your own strategies for conflict management


Daniel Zielinski
Senior Consultant and Trainer

+49 681 91038366


Referenz Loctimize DMG

The translation project management workshop impresses with a balanced relationship between theory and practice, good organization and a great location. The trainer took questions 100% into account. The workshop became very lively due to the mutual exchange between the participants. Altogether a very practice-oriented workshop and therefore valuable for me and my daily business. I will recommend the workshop because it created transparency for the entire process workflow, gave ideas for new approaches and opened my eyes to new technologies. 

Icon Projektmanager

Marieke Kallweit

Translation Manager @ DMG Dental-Material Gesellschaft mbH
Referenzkunde Universität Hohenheim

During the workshop, the problems related to translation project management were very well summed up and we worked on various solution suggestions. The trainer obviously has a lot of experience in this area and was able to answer questions competently. The relation between theory and practical exercises was balanced and the group size was very pleasant. I will recommend the workshop at any time, as I really got a lot of ideas for my daily work and I am totally satisfied.

Icon Projektmanager

Dr. Kelly Neudorfer

Translator @ Universität Hohenheim

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