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TAWA is an autonomous public authority, whose task is the conservation and sustainable development of natural resources in Tanzania. The business areas of TAWA include: wildlife development, wildlife utilization, wildlife protection and community-based conservation. The goal of TAWA's communication platform is to inform the public about the newly created agency, its responsibilities and its activities. Another goal is to promote tourism and gain potential investors such as tour operators, hotel operators or hunting businesses.

Loctimize in Tanzania bei TAWA

A team of three persons worked on the project. Daniel Zielinski and Vanessa Busse traveled to Tanzania and a software developer supported them from Germany. In Tanzania, we initially worked in the offices of the GIZ in the former capital Dar es Salaam. In the second half of our stay, we worked in the headquarters of TAWA in Morogoro. During the entire time we worked together with a team of GIZ and TAWA employees. All team members were highly motivated, very welcoming and always very friendly.

With our combined efforts we managed to develop an online communication strategy in a very short time frame and implemented it in form of a modern responsive website. The small everyday challenges such as heat, power cuts and internet outages were mastered with ease and a good deal of humor (and one or two cold drinks). At the end of our stay, the website was presented to the directors and employees of TAWA and the project was passed into their capable hands for further development and maintenance.

Loctimize in Tanzania bei TAWADuring the project, our team has experienced new and exciting things and gained many new impressions and insights. The last highlight of our time in Tanzania was a visit to one of the largest nature reserves of the world - the Selous Game Reserve, which is managed by TAWA. On a two-day Safari we were able to see lions, hippos and monkeys as well as rare and endangered animals such as kudus, wild dogs and elephants up close.

All in all our stay in Tanzania was an unforgettable experience!

You can find more pictures and impressions on our Facebook page.

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