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Converting Excel files & MultiTerm termbases

The Glossary Converter converts your MultiTerm termbases in SDLTB format into Microsoft Excel glossaries, e.g. for exchanging glossaries with translators and terminologists, who do not work with MultiTerm. The reverse is also possible, e.g. if you want to import the glossary of a client into MultiTerm  for translation.

The times, in which you had to click through multiple dialog windows in MultiTerm and MultiTerm Convert just to create a simple database and to import terminology, are over. With the Glossary Converter the conversion of mono and multilingual glossaries is quick and easy. The free app gives you the opportunity to optimize your terminology management.

Here is how it works:

After the download and installation of the app, simply drag your Excel file onto the app . The file will be automatically converted into a MultiTerm SDLTB file. All languages that are included in the Excel file will be imported into the termbase. The output file will be saved in the same folder as the original file. The resulting termbase can then immediately be used in MultiTerm. Converting SDLTB files into Excel files works exactly the same way.

Advanced settings:

The drag & drop principle applies to simple files. More complex Excel files, that e.g. contain synonyms or other additional information, can also be converted. In this case, some advanced settings have to be made in the menu of the Glossary Converter. Once saved, the app remembers those settings for future conversions.

Merging terminology data

The app now also offers a feature to merge terminology. If you select multiple Excel files and drag & drop them onto the app they are merged into one MultiTerm termbase. Afterwards you can check the termbase for duplicates and if necessary merge and split up certain terminology entries.

System requirements

In addition to Excel and SDLTB files, the Glossary Converter also supports other file formats. These include: xls, xlsx, csv, txt, tbx, utx, glo, MultiTerm export files and tmx. For the Glossary Converter to work It is required that SDL Trados Studio and SDL MultiTerm are installed on your computer.


The Glossary Converter is available as a free download in the SDL AppStore.