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In our workshops you will learn how to develop solutions for specific problems.

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All workshops are tailored to your requirements. So we make sure that they guarantee the best possible learning success.

Icon Workshop

Target group oriented

Each workshop can be adapted for different target groups. In this way, aspects that are important for a specific target group can be emphasized.

Icon Produktivität

Increasing your productivity

Our tips and tricks will allow you to get more work done in the same time.

Our workshops are for

Icon Autor

Technical writers



Icon Übersetzer


Icon PHP


Icon Projektmanager

Project managers

Workshops overview

Icon Projektmanager

Translation project management

Icon Terminologie

Terminology management

Icon Softwaredatei

Translation and localization of software

Icon Reviewer

Quality assurance in translation

Dokument ok

Selecting and evaluating translation tools

Icon Maschinelle Übersetzung

Machine translation

TYPO3 Lokalisierung

Translation and localization of TYPO3 websites