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We help you to define and implement terminology processes and data structures, to select and implement software solutions for terminology and knowledge management as well as to create monolingual or multilingual terminology.

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Optimizing costs

Do you want to reduce costs for terminology management or increase your productivity with the same budget?

We analyze your processes, data structures, costs and uncover hidden potentials for optimization.

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Saving time

Do you want to save time and speed up processes related to terminology work so that you can launch your products and services faster?

We will show you possibilities how to save time by optimizing processes, data structures and selecting suitable tools.

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Ensuring quality

Do you want to improve the linguistic quality and ensure the consistent usage of your corporate terminology in your documents and their translations?

We help you to define quality criteria as well as appropriate measures to implement them.

Our solutions

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Consistent terminology

Are you wondering how to guarantee the consistent use of corporate terminology?

We will show you what is important when introducing corporate terminology, how to define processes and data structures and which software solutions best suit your needs.

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Creating and main­taining terminology

Do you want to know how to create, manage and maintain terminology? How to unify different terminologies or how to merge different terminology databases?

We will show you what is the best way to do it or simply do it for you.

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Selecting tools for terminology work

Are you considering introducing a software solution for creating and managing corporate terminology? Terminology management systems, terminology extraction tools? Desktop solutions, server-based or cloud-based solutions?

We will give you a market overview and advise you which product best suits your needs.

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Training and workshops

Are you looking for training and workshops related to terminology?

We offer terminology workshops and product training for terminology management and terminology extraction systems both online and on site.


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Daniel Zielinski

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