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Solutions overview

The increasing globalization and internationalization of many companies and organizations leads to an increasing demand for multilingual communication. This affects nearly all divisions: marketing, product management, development, documentation, language services etc. Due to the increasing number of markets, languages and contents, many companies and organizations have to face new challenges related to language and translation management.

Strategies, processes, technologies, data, interfaces: It is a constant balancing act between cost, time and quality. These are the areas for which we provide solutions! Our main focus is on technical writing, terminology, translation and localization. In these areas, we support our clients both strategically as well as in their daily business.

Technical writing

  • Optimizing technical writing processes
  • Introducing and imple­menting editing systems
  • Writing for translation
  • Managing terminology
  • Training for technical writers and graphic designers

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Solutions terminology


  • Introducing and imple­menting corporate ter­mi­no­logy
  • Introducing terminology management systems
  • Terminology maintenance
  • Training for terminologists

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  • Optimizing translation costs and processes
  • Introducing and imple­men­ting translation management systems
  • Quality assurance in trans­lation
  • Training for translators

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  • Strategic consulting for software & website lo­ca­li­zation
  • Optimizing localization processes
  • Introducing and im­ple­men­ting localization tools
  • Training for software developers and localizers

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Vanessa Busse
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