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The increasing globalization and internationalization presents many companies and organizations with challenges in language and translation management. This affects nearly all business divisions. Strategies, processes, technologies, data, interfaces - a constant balancing act between costs, time and quality!

We advise you on

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  • Centralized language and translation management
  • Corporate language
  • Optimizing translation costs
  • Quality assurance
  • Implementing tools in the fields of technical writing, terminology, translation and localization
  • Outsourcing vs. insourcing
  • Assessment
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  • Technical writing processes (text creation, text management)
  • Project management processes
  • Translation processes (translation, proofreading, editing)
  • Localization processes (software and websites)
  • Terminology processes (compilation, maintenance and publishing)
  • Quality assurance
  • Data exchange between systems
  • Process automation

File formats and interfaces

  • Document and resource formats in translation and localization
  • Exchange formats for language and translation data (XML, XLIFF, TBX, TMX, SRX, etc.)
  • Interfaces between editing and translation systems (Across, memoQ, Memsource, memoQ, SDL TRADOS, SDL GroupShare, XTM, etc.)
  • Interfaces between web content management systems (e.g. TYPO3, WordPress) and translation systems
  • Interfaces between ERP systems, PIM systems, online shops and translation systems
  • Interface development
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  • Authoring memory
  • Translation memory
  • Machine translation
  • Terminology management
  • Terminology extraction
  • Project management support
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  • Defining economic and functional requirements criteria
  • Comparing and evaluating software products
    • Editing systems (Adobe FrameMaker, Microsoft Word, TIM-RS, Schema ST4)
    • Terminology management systems (Across crossTerm, memoQ qTerm, SDL MultiTerm)
    • Translation management systems (Plunet Business Manager, XTRF)
    • Integrated translation systems (Across, Déjà Vu, memoQ, Memsource, SDL Trados, SDL GroupShare, Wordfast, etc.)
    • Software localization tools (Alchemy Catalyst, SDL Passolo, QtLinguist etc.)
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  • Outsourcing vs. insourcing in the fields of technical writing, terminology, translation, project management
  • Selecting and evaluating translation service providers
  • Training and workshops

Our 5-step success model

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  • Current Inventory Figures
  • Target state definition
  • Goal formulation for the project
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  • Development of individual solution proposals
  • Drafting of recommendations for action
  • Coordination of additional procedures with the customer
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  • Support in evaluating and testing solutions
  • Installation & configuration of software solutions
  • Qualifying employees
Schritt 4


  • Measuring previously-defined KPI
  • Analysis of deviations from the target state
  • Recommendations for action in terms of corrections
Schritt 5


  • Regular evaluations of processes and technology usage
  • Implementation of additional measures toward content consolidation and continuous improvement

How we help our clients

Your advantages

  •  Optimization of the entire internationalization process
  •  Implementation of defined objectives
  •  Translation and localization costs will be under control
  •  Optimization of internationalization and globalization costs related to language
  •  Time savings through access to our extensive expertise
  •  On demand support, adapted to your needs and budget