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You want your translation projects to be managed efficiently? We have many years of experience and support small and medium-sized enterprises with their translation management. Or with the search for the most suitable language service provider.

How we support you

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Planning of translation processes

  • Inventory and definition of requirements
  • Defining workflows for translation projects and coordination of internal resources
  • Defining terminology workflows for technical writing and translation
  • Planning the usage of language technologies such as translation memory systems or software localization tools  
  • Creating style guides for translators and technical writers
  • Creating documentation and workflows
  • Planning budgets for translation and localization
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Preparing content for translation

  • Exporting translatable content from content management systems
  • Preparing translatable files: file conversion, locking of non-translatable content, checking for completeness, checking for length and layout changes, creating settings files for translation memory systems, etc.
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Generating and managing language resources

  • Creating translation memories with customized settings for leading translation systems, e.g segmentation rules, abbreviation lists, etc.
  • Maintaining translation memories and termbases
  • Creating terminology databases with customized settings, e.g. database definition, layouts, filter
  • Managing existing terminology resources
  • Compiling source and target language terminology  
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Creating and preparing translation projects

  • Creating and preparing translation projects in translation systems
  • Preparing translation projects
  • Compiling translation bundles for translation service providers
  • Creating project templates
  • Processing mid-project updates and follow-up projects
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Selecting and evaluating translation service providers

  • Pre-selecting translation service providers according to defined criteria
  • Collaboration with existing service providers
  • Upon request, we help you to find new service providers, depending on your strategy single or multi language vendors
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Obtaining and reviewing quotes

  • Obtaining quotes of suitable translation service providers
  • Analyzing and comparing quotes
  • Consulting on quotes for clients to make an informed decision
  • Negotiating with language service providers

Hiring of translation service providers and reviewers

  • Providing translation files to translation service provider in a pre-defined data format
  • Informing all parties involved in a project about its status, deadlines etc.
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Quality assurance

  • Defining quality assurance criteria
  • Setting up quality assurance checks in translation systems
  • Performing automated quality assurance checks
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Post-processing of translated files

  • Converting translated files back into their original format
  • Importing translated contents into content management systems
  • Checking the layout
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  • Support for technical issues with files or translation systems
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Continuous improvement

  • Continuous optimization of processes
  • Optimization of technology use
  • Process automation
  • Maintenance of linguistic data (translation memory, terminology)

Your advantages

  • Optimized translation and review processes
  • Faster turnaround times for translations
  • High quality of translations due to manual and automated quality assurance checks
  • Minimized effort and costs for translations
  • Time savings due to access to our extensive expertise
  • Repeated translations of the same documents, media breaks and inconsistent databases will be avoided
  • Loss of information can be avoided thanks to centralized management
  • Cooperation with local language service providers
  • Usage of state of the art translation technology
  • All order-related data will be provided to you upon termination of the collaboration
  • Transparent billing
Referenz Loctimize DMG

We have been working with Loctimize in various areas for about 4 years, including translation project management. Loctimize handles the creation and preparation of translation projects and the complete workflow with our language service provider for different source languages ​​and more than 15 target languages. This does not only save us a lot of time but also ensures that our translation projects with technical documentations, product information or marketing brochures in multilingual InDesign documents are managed efficiently. We see Loctimize as a reliable partner and can fully recommend the whole team. We particularly appreciate the flexibility and years of know-how in this area.

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Marieke Kallweit

Translation Manager @ DMG Dental-Material Gesellschaft mbH
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We have been a support customer of Loctimize for about 5 years. Loctimize now handles the entire translation project management for us, selects suitable regional translators, manages our language resources and is responsible for quality assurance. The team simply knows what counts! That's why we especially appreciate the tips and tricks for continuously improving our translation processes and reducing translation time and cost.

Marek Margas - hünersdorff GmbH

Marek Margas

IT-Anwendungsbetreuer @ hünersdorff GmbH