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You want your translation projects to be managed efficiently? We have many years of experience and support small and medium-sized enterprises with their translation management. Or with the search for the most suitable language service provider.

How we support you

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Planning of translation processes

  • Inventory and definition of requirements
  • Defining workflows for translation projects and coordination of internal resources
  • Defining terminology workflows for technical writing and translation
  • Planning the usage of language technologies such as translation memory systems or software localization tools  
  • Creating style guides for translators and technical writers
  • Creating documentation and workflows
  • Planning budgets for translation and localization
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Preparing content for translation

  • Exporting translatable content from content management systems
  • Preparing translatable files: file conversion, locking of non-translatable content, checking for completeness, checking for length and layout changes, creating settings files for translation memory systems, etc.
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Generating and managing language resources

  • Creating translation memories with customized settings for leading translation systems, e.g segmentation rules, abbreviation lists, etc.
  • Maintaining translation memories and termbases
  • Creating terminology databases with customized settings, e.g. database definition, layouts, filter
  • Managing existing terminology resources
  • Compiling source and target language terminology  
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Creating and preparing translation projects

  • Creating and preparing translation projects in translation systems
  • Preparing translation projects
  • Compiling translation bundles for translation service providers
  • Creating project templates
  • Processing mid-project updates and follow-up projects
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Selecting and evaluating translation service providers

  • Pre-selecting translation service providers according to defined criteria
  • Collaboration with existing service providers
  • Upon request, we help you to find new service providers, depending on your strategy single or multi language vendors
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Obtaining and reviewing quotes

  • Obtaining quotes of suitable translation service providers
  • Analyzing and comparing quotes
  • Consulting on quotes for clients to make an informed decision
  • Negotiating with language service providers

Hiring of translation service providers and reviewers

  • Providing translation files to translation service provider in a pre-defined data format
  • Informing all parties involved in a project about its status, deadlines etc.
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Quality assurance

  • Defining quality assurance criteria
  • Setting up quality assurance checks in translation systems
  • Performing automated quality assurance checks
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Post-processing of translated files

  • Converting translated files back into their original format
  • Importing translated contents into content management systems
  • Checking the layout
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  • Support for technical issues with files or translation systems
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Continuous improvement

  • Continuous optimization of processes
  • Optimization of technology use
  • Process automation
  • Maintenance of linguistic data (translation memory, terminology)

Your advantages

  • Optimized translation and review processes
  • Faster turnaround times for translations
  • High quality of translations due to manual and automated quality assurance checks
  • Minimized effort and costs for translations
  • Time savings due to access to our extensive expertise
  • Repeated translations of the same documents, media breaks and inconsistent databases will be avoided
  • Loss of information can be avoided thanks to centralized management
  • Cooperation with local language service providers
  • Usage of state of the art translation technology
  • All order-related data will be provided to you upon termination of the collaboration
  • Transparent billing