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Optimizing costs

You want to reduce costs for technical writing or increase your productivity with the same budget?

We analyze your costs, processes, data, tools and uncover hidden potentials for optimization.

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Saving time

You want to save time and speed up technical writing processes, so that you can launch your products and services faster?

We show you how you can save valuable time by optimizing processes and choosing the right tools. 

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Ensuring quality

You want to ensure the quality of your documents and their translations, e.g. by using company-specific terminology and corporate language guidelines?

We help you to define quality criteria as well as appropriate measures to implement them.

Our solutions

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Writing for translation

You are wondering how to structure and write texts so that they can be easily translated?

We help you to create guidelines for the creation of translation-friendly texts that do require as little pre-and post-editing as possible while keeping translation costs at a minimum.

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Choosing tools for technical writing

You are considering introducing an editing system?

We help you to define selection criteria, as well as to evaluate and implement editing systems.

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Optimizing processes

You want to optimize your technical writing processes?

We show you how to create, edit and update documentations faster.

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Training and workshops

Are you looking for training and workshops for technical writers and graphic designers?

We are happy to provide you with information about our workshops and product trainings.


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Gerald von Stein-Salisbury

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Daniel Zielinski