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Before you begin, please note: The PDF format (= Portable Document Format) was not designed to be used for the editing of texts, but only as a platform-independent format for printing. The purpose of a PDF file was never "and should not be to this day" to be able to edit text within the PDF files or to extract texts, so that they can be modified, e.g. in a translation.

With this free instruction of how to extract texts from certain PDF files, we want to give our clients an easy, uncomplicated and quick option and a free tool to prepare files for translation. The goal is not to preserve the layout but only to have the option to generate a translatable file or to prepare existing data to create usable translation memories with the help of data mining.

This document is available in:

  • German
  • English, translated by Gabriele M. Kamprad, Würzburg
  • French, translated by Isabelle Hofmann, Mistelgau

We would like to thank the translators for their translations!

You can download the free Plustools here.