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How is the concept of quality in translation defined and how is quality actually measured? Does the benchmark for "good quality" also depend on what a translation is needed for, or is "quality" a rather fixed term, perhaps just an empty slogan? The strategies used to define, measure and check quality criteria as well as the role of modern technology have long been the focus of many translators and translation scholars.

Jean-Marc Dalla-Zuanna (Volkswagen AG) and Dr. Christopher Kurz (ENERCON) - both experts in the field of translation - asked not only themselves but also their colleagues about the quality of translations, and brought all the answers together in the anthology "Translation Quality in the Age of Digital Transformation". How translation technology tools are shaping the language industry and why a critical view by human professionals is still essential represent only two of the many topics in the new book, which is divided into four broad subject areas. Loctimize Managing Director Daniel Zielinski, together with Simon Varga, took a closer look at how translation memories influence quality, contributing the article "Translation memory quality and translation memory management" to the third chapter of the publication.The two authors not only look at the definition of translation memory quality, but also show how quality assurance works and what makes for successful TM management.

The book has been published in English by BDÜ Fachverlag and is aimed at translators who are not only interested in theoretical aspects but also need practical strategies for their daily work. Nearly 30 contributions by language and translation experts illuminate the concept of quality from different perspectives and thus contribute to a comprehensive overall picture.


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